Journey called Life….

This journey called life has begun in a place where one will expect everything to perfect and high standards in every aspect of it academics,sports,career.A highly competitive metropolitan city where the dream of the parents of a middle class family is to give the best of education and get them married.

There is no time for feelings,emotions in this fast-paced life,which has strained and created misunderstandings.

I had such a disturbing traumatic childhood,compared to what most people assume.Children who grow up with parents who have a bad marriage show unhealthy perfectionism.Older children may take on parenting responsiblities of younger children and believe that they must and protect them.

Anxiety issues,fearfullness,feeling of apprehension lead to low self confidence ,low self esteem,so much of negativity are the effects of parents behaviour.

None of them are considerate and caring towards the child.There were times in the childhood i would consider ending my life.And sometimes even blamed myself for all the trouble in the household.

Growing up in such an environment,i was completely on my own.

Lack of support,makes you always insecure.There is a sense of deep confusion about yourself.There is a withdrawal from the outside world.Well this was the dark phase in my life.

If there is no guiding force in life…then one tends to get astray.God protected me his unique way.He provided me the most wonderful gifts in life ;Friends.

These friends of mine showed me a different side of world and life….One which is filled with love.I used to be so disheartened and bad tempered due to the frustration inside me…but these people around me were the turning point in my life.

I finally started loving my life…..accepting myself.It was a new beginning.